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They do not care to hear you drone on about your new boat, your team's basketball scores or your truck's new big block engine.

The best advice - phone and date conversations should have plenty of taking and giving, back and forth discussion.

A new date or someone you've been seeing for awhile, take some time to consider a great new place or activity.

Ask about her interests, preferences, experiences, and then listen.

It also can mean they are looking for a different personality type. Just respect people's preferences to keep some things private.

Maybe a woman has entered a web site to see if there are any men in her age range who are conservative, college educated lovers of the Boston Red Sox. If you are comfortable talking about it, and really enjoy discussing your experiences and enjoy hearing about other people's experiences, that's fine.

Would you like to connect with women online, be successful and enjoy dating, and maybe even find a special someone?

Let's take some time to think about what women think, feel and what motivates them to move forward in a relationship. There is a reason that the book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus?

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