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They offer unprecedented access to potential partners regardless of geography.This is helpful of singles who lack such access due to limited social circle or time constraints.Dating apps have advantages over traditional dating. In their paper, Susan Sprecher et al provided a critical analysis of these pros and cons of online-enabled dating.One of the advantages of using dating apps and other similar online dating platforms is that these mediums are remarkably convenient.The technology behind online-enabled dating services also has the capacity to easily weed out individuals who are not possible matches.Using collected data including age and location, as well as pertinent personal information including orientation and interests, dating apps and dating websites act as automated matchmakers.

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These technologies have made hooking up convenient and immediate. Dating apps and online platforms offer a hassle-free transaction for individuals looking for instant physical gratification or fulfilment of emotional needs.

A national representative study involving 4,002 respondents initially revealed that couples who met their partners online were more likely to be involved in dating and romantic relationships than marital relationships compared to couples who met offline.

However, findings from the same study revealed breakup rates for both marital and non-marital romantic relationships were higher for couples who met online than couples who met through offline venues.

Online dating websites and even social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can provide users with a wealth of information about their prospects.

One could easily deduce the personality of another individual not only by reading their biographical information but also by observing the type of contents posted and overall online behaviour.

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