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While Ray and Kate met while working at radio station, Spin 1038, in 2002, they didn't start going out for a few months, partly because Kate was seeing someone else and partly because, well, she wasn't that keen on the cheeky Ballina boy.Ray really fancied her and made his intentions clear early on, but gave up as she wasn't interested.Then, on a night out a few months later, someone discreetly advised him that Kate's feelings had changed, and told him to make a move.He did, they kissed, and six weeks later they went on holidays together."The minute Kate got pregnant, I started eating and drinking for two," groans Ray, who came to prominence on TV as the popular host of TV3's dating show, Take Me Out. I got up to 17 stone when I was younger, and then got it down to 12 stone, but by Christmas, I was up to that weight again.I'm quite happy with my weight, but everyone else won't shut up about it.And if her social media timeline lines up, it looks like they've been together for about three years.According to his Instagram, Devin (Tyler Down) has a girlfriend.

"Ray looks great, as he's so tall that he can get away with the weight gain," says Kate.If I had arrived to TV overweight, no one would have asked any questions, but because I got fat after Take Me Out, there are people every week tweeting me about putting on weight now. because let's face it, I did get fat, but Kate is back to her pre-baby weight so I have no excuse.She runs three or four times a week, and always goes to the gym and is aware of what she eats." At six foot two, Ray carries the extra weight well, but has lost nine pounds since the beginning of the year, bringing him down to 16 stone five.She is currently on maternity leave, but prior to that, she was reading the news on Morning Ireland.Last year, the award-winning Ray left his midday slot at Today FM to present the breakfast show on 98FM, alongside his friend and sidekick, JP Gilbourne.

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