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After countless sleepless nights Sandra is ready to give up, until she has an idea.

Can the best medicine to night terrors be kinky sex and pot?

Frank é um rapaz que vê e sente coisas estranhas e ruins, as quais ele sempre achou serem invenções da sua cabeça, e que ele poderia adormecê-las com álcool e drogas.

Mas ele acaba por conhecer Gerard, um homem pálido e estranho, que tira demônios e entidades das pessoas como ganha-pão.

We're pleased with it and director Ville Jurrikkala did a fantastic job!

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[formerly known as "I Begged and Love Said No" ; previously posted]©2013//Lucifers-Left-Lung Ville's been having night terrors and his girlfriend Sandra has tried everything to help him.

When her past tracks her down in Helsinki, Kat has no choice but to face it.

Will Kat's past and her family come between her and Ville?

Will she continue on the path her parents expect or veer off onto the path she always dreamed of taking? Ville walks the dark streets of an unknown city leaving an after party, when he becomes the sexual prey of a ruthless attacker.

While he believes himself to be doomed for the night a group of three mask Vigilantes appear.

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