Who is steve guttenberg dating

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If you do, you’ll be around the right people, you’ll get the right jobs, you’ll have the right income, the right life, and you’ll live in the right place.” This optimism is the backbone of Guttenberg’s upraising, as well as his relationships with those around him. Despite being a famous actor, his life in New York is fairly modest: his apartment is New York sized (i.e.

When asked about his first kiss, Guttenberg humorously described his date with a young girl named Jeanie from Plainview.In some ways, the film can be seen as a way for him to get back to the feel of his earlier films, that mix of action and comedy combined with a modern twist. For him, reaching your 50’s means getting to play Lear in Shakespeare’s King Lear, Benedict in Much Ado About Nothing, and Othello in Othello.“At 50, you’re just the right age to take on the heavier roles, while also being youthful enough to inspire into the roles the energy it needs.” When asked about his favorite role so far in both the film and theater productions, Guttenberg’s answer was simple: the next one.“I’m most happy when I’m around people I love and people who love me. I just want everyone around me to be comfortable and happy.” In being yourself, or more accurately being the best self you can be, he believes you’ll have the life you want most.It all comes down to being yourself while also raising your standards: “Raise your standards.

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