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I actually blame this album for making me fall in love with someone.Pet Sounds convinced me that Brian Wilson was a genius; the only problem with him was all those goofy surf songs he wrote.Nasal Mike Love has never had the most beauteous voice in society, but back in '61 when his ego was only about 15 times that of a normal human being (as opposed to the quadruple digits it would soon reach), he sounded just hideous.Voice quivering everywhere, missing every high note, sounding like he'd stuffed his nose with earplugs to keep the stench of Brian's reeking B. from interfering with the formation of the powerful neuron connections that would one day bring "Kokomo" into the world (though when he did bass vocals, he sounded good! For the collector, you have the amazing chance to pick up such fantastic early non-album generic crap tracks as the Idjit-Goes-Hawaiian "Luau,", punch-drunk "Judy," surf nothing blah instrumental "Beach Boy Stomp," a capella so dull you'll wish you'd been there to stand on a ladder and unleash a stream of urine into their mouths "Lavender," "What Is A Young Girl Made Of? *)To be fair with you, most of the worst songs were written by the producer people.Wistful teenage love lyrics, a great bass line, a rockin' accordion..DAD plays accordion!Who would have thought accordions would be a part of a rock classic?!?A cutesy squeaky pellet of a song whose only redeeming quality is Brian Wilson falsettoing the words "Cuckoo! " (if you want an even more adorable song about a cuckoo, PLEASE do yourself a nicety and buy the reissue of The Monks' Black Monk Time with bonus tracks. And there are two other songs but I'm bored about discussing them, so you're going to have to buy the album for yourself to hear "Ten Little Indians" (a hilarious "Weird Al" Yankovic-like parody of "One Little, Two Little, Three Little Cabbage Patch") and the song with the weird unnatural chord sequence that's about some piece of clothing called a "shift." Because I have NO INTENTION of talking about those in - HEY! I will now negate the above statement by not giving this album any higher than a 6, either. Because they COULD, they forced the Beach Boys to release an album every 4 or 5 months while keeping them out on tour pretty much nonstop.This not only resulted in Brian Wilson having a nervous breakdown pretty early on, but it also resulted in a whole lot of mediocre albums. It's always been a bit of a bore for me, something Brian shoulda passed off onto his favorite receptacle Jan and Dean.

Guitar had that Chuck Berry feel, but learned - not FELT, you know? The focus is on the great harmony vocals, but it's hard to listen past the uncomfortable lead singing to enjoy them.And aside from a couple that appear to be sung by Brian Wilson, a young man with a very nice full-bodied, friendly voice ("What Is A Young Girl Made Of" is simply ADORABLE - especially considering it's an awful song!), every vocal on here sounds like amateurish garbage.Next time I got the chance, I went to the local music store and bought ALL the Beach Boys they had (Endless Summer, Pet Sounds, and some .99 tape I found in the discount rack).Endless Summer had some great songs ("The Warmth Of The Sun", "Don't Worry Baby", "I Get Around") but Pet Sounds was indescribable.

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