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Breslin found success as the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter with pop band The Blizzards, as a co-writer and producer with XIX Entertainment and as a solo artist.

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Over the generations, a genetic signature is created. In the absence of a DNA sample direct from the man himself, Trinity's team of geneticists collected a number of samples from men across Ireland.

According to legend, Niall was a warrior king at a time when Ireland was divided into many kingdoms and a heirarchy of kingship existed.

Just how extensive an area he may have dominated is not recorded but he fought his way to become King of Tara in the late 4th or early 5th century.

Across the island as a whole, a different sub-clade – the M269 pattern – is predominant, while the M222 pattern is found in 8.2% or one man in twelve.

The Trinity College study also found that about one in ten men in the west or central areas of Scotland have the so-called Niall of the Nine Hostages gene.

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