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There are secondary aspects as to why it’s a no-no.

Had Red Sox players been aware of Farrell’s relationship with Moran, it could have been taken as a cue that pursuing female reporters was fair game, thus encouraging a ribald culture in the clubhouse.

Companies and online daters should be aware of the security risks these apps may pose.

Companies may want to consider policies prohibiting or limiting the use of dating and other potentially risky apps on work devices to prevent exposure to confidential company information.

Dell, now an NFL reporter for CBS, and Middlebrooks, in camp with the Brewers, were married in February.

Mae, who now covers the Toronto Blue Jays, politely declined comment for this column.

Online daters should remember to keep their profiles vague, review app permissions regularly, and delete their profiles once they have found that special someone.

Those who do not use dating apps should consider similar self-protective privacy measures when using any app.

Young, attractive, and in the players’ case, rich people are in close proximity for months on end, including often on the road.

Such relationships have become so prevalent here in recent years that the Washington Post saw fit to put together an aggregated collection of all the athlete/reporter relationships (both real and rumored) in Boston.

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