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When Todd was killed in a plane crash in 1958, Reynolds sent her husband to comfort the distraught Taylor. Fisher threw himself into furthering Taylor’s career - putting his own on hold.When she was cast in Cleopatra, he travelled to Rome to be with her - setting himself up in a villa as her house-husband.He didn’t see his wife again for two years, though he bought a gun and said he seriously considered killing Burton.He was so heartbroken that he thought he would never fall in love again.Here, Fisher essays a series of Berlin evergreens dating back to the 1910s.

But he shared her affection with none other than President Kennedy and Fisher demanded she choose between them. Fisher also had romances with dancer Juliet Prowse, Kim Novak and Frank Sinatra’s future wife Mia Farrow.

Unfortunately, there wouldn't have been any way for Collectables to segment the remarks on the CD so that a modern listener could program a player to skip them; they are too closely matched to the songs.

So, what might have been a memorable collection ends up being tiresome.

’ and she whispered: ‘Yes.’ Yet Fisher still refused to see their marriage was doomed.

When Taylor took an overdose, he helped her in hospital and gave her a ten-carat yellow diamond ring for her 30th birthday and a mirror set with emeralds.

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