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Though Tori has a number of reality TV shows under her belt now, many of them done with Dean, this time she is reuniting with former .

Spelling says that it has been exhausting, but “I love every second of it.” In what many would deem a definite statement regarding the state of her union, Tori was spotted by photographers this week with a handbag that had “Mrs. shares the photos, and it hardly seems like a coincidence that she had the bag and that the bag happened to be front-and-center for the cameras.

Fans are hopeful they will follow through on that front, as it seems a much-needed path for the couple to follow for the sake of their four children together.

In the midst of all of the cheating and relationship troubles, Spelling has thrown herself back into acting.

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Can Tori Spelling and Dean Mc Dermott’s marriage really be saved?Tori just shelled out ,000 to Dean’s ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace for back child support. Spelling is being sued by a credit card company for ,000 for missed payments.Yeah, that’s a hot mess Charlie would probably like to avoid.Until now, Mary Jo Eustace did not speak out about Dean Mc Dermott and Tori Spelling, allowing her lawyer to do the talking for her, but she says that almost a year later, and Mc Dermott is still 0k in arrears, and is the reason that son Jack Mc Dermott has had his bank accounts drained twice to pay the debts of Tori Spelling and Dean Mc Dermott.Mary Jo Eustace has been covering son Jack’s college expenses with the exception of rent which Dean Mc Dermott said he would pay, but Eustace says that sadly, Dean Mc Dermott’s checks have been bouncing.

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