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I would never have been able to use the full tank as I wasn’t on a driving holiday but simply using the car as transport for a return journey to our accommodation.To add insult to injury we were charged €82.00 to fill a Ford Focus Trend 1.6.Our original booking had included an additional driver at no extra charge (with a different company).When we requested the additional driver with Goldcar we charged an extra €17.50 for the week.Holmes then tried to investigate his own crash site, with the help of a Home Guardsman.

Some of these people refer to extra charges added to their credit card bills once they arrived home for completely made up claims by Goldcar so I will be watching my credit card statement closely over the coming weeks.

That just about completes my horror story of rip-off car rental by Goldcar except for one final point. Cartrawler (who provide the search technology) apologised for the incident and hope that it will “not affect my decision to use Car Trawler in future”.

By law in Spain it is compulsory to carry a set of triangles and a reflective jacket should you breakdown on the road. Although I have no complaint against Cartrawler I had to point out that I will not be using their technology again when searching for car rental because operators such as Goldcar can falsely provide low quotes that get their rates to the top of the search results then they proceed to rip-off unsuspecting holidaymakers on arrival.

I was told in no uncertain terms that I would indeed be responsible which really left me with no alternative other than to agree to the additional insurance at €5.00 per day (€35.00 for the week).

Rip-Off 2: Extra Driver Due to the general strike in France our original Ryanair flight had been cancelled so we had to travel two days later and as such had to change our car rental dates.

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