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I love Robin Williams and his approach and life he brings to any role he plays, but was wondering what are his top 10 movies yet?I haven't seen a lot of his movies, so a little help plz?But as World No.1 Serena Williams landed at Perth airport on Saturday, all that appeared to occupy her mind was the angle that showed off her best side as she posed for snaps with beau Patrick Mouratoglou.

Finally, through deliberation and comparison we picked our winner (aka: “Best Hair”) and our Runner-Up. Congratulations to everyone who made it on our list! You can also follow this Alabama heartbreaker on Twitter. He’s got a fantastic head of hair, but this year couldn’t officially make our list. Alaska didn’t have a large list of newsmen with great hair, so we had to look just outside on-camera talent to find our runner-up.This year we are doing something a little different.We created the official list of local newsmen with the best hair from each state! Essig is Channel 2 News’ Aviation and Transportation, Public Affairs Multimedia Reporter who has worked in Arizona and Portland.We have also included the runner-up for each state. We did not take into consideration; hair color or attractiveness of the man. First, we listed all of the local TV stations in the state. We just hope that people will pull down their hoodies so they can see his amazing head of hair! Essig was unable to be reached for comment (the NBC website has a slough of issues), but we are sure that Essig is so happy he won that he’s already outside doing snow angles!However, there seems to be a correlation between great hair and overall “hotness”. Then we pulled the head shots of all the on-air talent from each station. Next, we narrowed it down to those who exhibited the four factors mentioned above. We’re sure that will be the headline in tomorrow’s paper. While most states had more than one contender, Alaska was not one of them. You can follow Alaska’s standard of TV hair on Twitter!

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