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After receiving Adam’s lawyer’s letter, Brad sent Adam a text offering to get together to make sure that Adam’s decision was in fact the decision he wanted to make, a final decision, and to talk through any issues.

As Brad said, ‘It would suck to end a twenty year relationship through a lawyer.’ Brad’s invitation was declined by Adam via a text stating, ‘My decision is 100%.

I did not conduct any pre-show research before Saturday’s Three Days Grace concert at the Egyptian Room in Indianapolis because: A.

I have been a fan of the rock ever since their self-titled debut album was released in 2003, and have since purchased hard copies of every album released thereafter (yes, I still purchase the physical albums from my favorite bands). I chose to wait until the show to hear current frontman stand-in (and My Darkest Days singer) Matt Walst take the mic…

We had no idea then that the December 15th Hartford show (which we played one day after the date of the doctor’s note attached to Adam’s lawyer’s letter) would be our final show with Adam as lead singer. 9 that the Norwood-raised Gontier had left the band for health reasons.But in a Facebook posting, his former bandmates say they were surprised by his decision and that Gontier never mentioned it when the band staged three benefits concerts in Peterborough last month — and even more surprised by Gontier's scheduled solo performance at a benefit concert in New York City on Thursday night.We had a tour for Transit of Venus scheduled to start in a month, and we felt we owed it to our fans and ourselves to go through with it. You have stood with us through good times and bad times and you are the reason we do what we do.We appreciate more than we can say in words the support we have received during this time. We care about our band, and we care about honouring our commitments to you, the fans.

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