What are my chances of dating harry styles

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In One Direction’s earlier days, Styles guested as himself on an episode of Looking back, it’s hard to believe Styles' band accomplished so much in barely half a decade.

Five albums, as many top 10 singles, near-constant touring -- still, that didn’t stop Zayn from diving into solo work shortly after departing, and for Styles, it evidently hasn’t kept him out of the studio.

But will Harry’s new material be as sharp a left turn from the old band as Zayn’s was?

(He also chopped a lot of his hair off in May 2016, so there’s that.)We don’t know what sort of lyrical content Styles has cooked up, but we aren't expecting him to follow Zayn down the alt-R&B path.

While pining for your love on the other side of the world is grade-A fare for a coffee-shop strum sesh, here’s hoping Styles is feeling creative.

Debut albums with this much attention -- and this much potential -- don’t come around often.

He'd probably date a a girl that is minimum 5 years of diffrence. Oh please guys,you really think Harry would date 10 year old? Maybe he actually would date you,if you were mature and look older. So,if you met harry styles,you would be screaming and blabalbla. I just want to say if you watch him as an normal person and you look and act very mature,that's enough. yes, he said he would like someone who is easy to get along with and someone who Is funny.

And even if he said he'd date someone younger I don't believe that's true. But i'm very mature,and i look like i'm 16,and kind of act like that in proper situations.

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(Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson have furthered that with their own singles as well.)Zayn relished the newfound freedom.You're on a date with someone you really like. Harry also spoke up about seemingly being the main root of inspiration for Taylor's music, and Taylor for being frank about her life experiences."I mean, I don't know if they're about me or not ..." he says. There's a lot of things that can be right, and it's still wrong.S.), his not-very-One Direction-sounding album sold considerably fewer copies -- 112,000 -- in its own debut week. The safe, industry-tested route would be a collection of folksy, acoustic-based ballads, ones that allow for a little soul-searching, while reminding radio program directors of the Ed Sheeran and James Bay songs they’ve had success with lately.Granted, “Pillowtalk” topped the Hot 100, but the Styles persona could give his solo career an even higher ceiling. One Direction even collaborated with Sheeran; pre-fame, he co-wrote their 2012 single “Little Things” and he was brought back to help with “18” on their final album.

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