Wet live webcom chat rooms dating 100 days game

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Hempton uses the website Chat Random to interact with stangers across the globe with one hand, whilst she paints what she can see of them with the other.

The majority of people who are nude are looking for sexual gratification.I find it quite interesting that the users rarely orchestrate with any care the image they are presenting to the world, unlike in typical online social interactions ie an attractive selfie.The scenes are often of dimly lit interiors, camera angles that reveal starkly average body types – the lens pointed in unforgiving, direct ways at penises, elderly or overweight bellies, men (as 99% of the users are) relaxed in jogging bottoms at home, or in an unbuttoned suit, camera pointed at their crotch under an office table.Painting for me is loaded in terms of its own history and I try to enjoy that rather than see it as a hindrance.In this show the way the paint is handled and the surfaces the paintings are on are somewhat divergent, depending on how I want those works to function.

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