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Our undercover reporter paid £200 for an initial consultation with 53-year-old Mr Kingsland in the Hewitt Centre for Reproductive Medicine, which is based at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital, where he is clinical director.However, he said the procedure was ‘perfectly doable’ for a cost of about £11,000 and that he would prepare our reporter for treatment.It occupies part of a modern four-storey building in the north-eastern resort of Famagusta, which is also home to a pharmacy, laboratory and cafe.The site is beside a main highway and a sign for the fertility centre, featuring a large logo of a sperm and an egg, is displayed prominently above the front entrance.On its website, the company advertises that the ‘family balancing’ treatment will be carried out at its affiliated clinic, the Cyprus IVF Centre in Famagusta, in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The clinic was set up in 2005 by Cypriot-born gynaecologist Dr Halil Tekan.

Various themes are explored, such as the limiting effects of patriarchal socializing practices, male sexual anxiety, and sexual preoccupation.

Womens entry into sexualized work environments, such as cabarets, strip clubs, and brothels has received increased attention in the past couple of decades (Barry, 1995; Burley & Symanski, 1981; Dank & Refinetti, 1999; Davis, 1993; Jensen, 2001; Kempadoo & Doezema, 1998; Thompson & Harred, 1992; Weitzer, 2000a/b).

In this investigation, we provide an understanding of the macro environmental contexts and micro intrapersonal and interpersonal factors that have contributed to the historical evolution of the cabaret industry in the Greek Cypriot Republic of Cyprus.

Such industry has evolved from a place of family entertainment to one of economic and sexual exploitation of Greek Cypriot male cabaret patrons and Eastern European sex workers respectively.

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