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I have soo much pain intolerable pain that i cant even put fingers in there. he bought me dildo vibrators lube every possible thing but i cant take anything in there it is absolutely unbearable pain. i've gone to the gyno twice, and both times she prescribed me with the same antifungal creams for a yeast infection.I have Yeast and severe bacterial infection and i also had bladder infection... i've also tried the monistat 7 day cream, and taken azo yeast pills, as well as a daily vitamin (which i can honestly say i haven't been faithful with).He can't get passed the 'bones' and reach the hymen.Why is it so painful and why is my hymen so hard and difficult?He's not pressuring me and I'm comfortable and i know it will feel good... by the way--- I thank him for his patients and bareing with me!and disagreeing that i am defective(he says i'm not)I have a little sexual experience so i somewhat know what to do, the last girl i was with didnt have the problems me and my current Gf are having.

Oh, does the vaginal wall and cherry get tender before/during/after mentration. by the way--- YOU are NOT Many people are under the impression that the hymen is located within the vagina. It’s a mucous membrane that is part of the vulva, the external genital organs. The hymen is a layer of tissue, just like the tissue around the opening of your vagina that partially conceals the vaginal orifice. What you and him both could be feeling inside would most likely be your cervix which is a coned shaped passageway that connects the uterus to the vaginail area The narrow opening of the cervix is called the os.

i feel so self concious and not normal that it has gotten to the point where i just want it over and done with.

Part of me is even thinkin about buying a vibrartor so i can see if its just him or if its me.

please tell me whats wrong with me because i know i want it.

me and my bf was tryin to have sex but as soon as it his penis was starting to go in side me i just burst out screaming and cry and told hiim 2 stop i just couldnt take the pain everytime we try to have sex this always happens wats wrong with me iit just hurts so bad what should i use oil baby oil or some thing to make it go in easy plese plz help mee first of all if your using condoms, then dont use baby oil as it can sometimes damage the condom (eg making holes in it).

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