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Just because its something I like doing doesn't mean that I'll meet women with the criteria I'm looking for there.

And message 9, I'm not just looking for some p*ssy, I'm looking for a partner to share my life with. There are no volunteer organizations that say "women must not be married have no children and be between [...] ages to volunteer". I would like to add this: MEN - PLEASE don't do things cause you think it will help you "get chicks".

The little boys absolutely LOVE when a man comes out to volunteer (they don't have male role models and that's why they usually sign up for the program) and the female volunteers usually like it too.

;) I personally wouldn't go there to meet men because there aren't many that show up... I know not all areas have this program as a part of BBBS from what I'm told...

Volunteer because you want to make some person, some thing or some place better.

Now, you don't just want to volunteer to meet single women, but single women with no children, and in your age requirements.

Instead of picking something out of a list, why don't you figure out what means a lot to you.

Rather than give up and live three years of my life devoid of soul and the inner peace one gains when they sincerely feel like they're making a difference, I should have merely sought out a new cause.

Now I'm involved in multiple causes that I am emotionally invested in and I can say with complete certainty that the small successes I make with my various groups are the happiest moments of my life. It's about what I can do while I'm here to make even the slightest impact.

Looking back, I can see now that volunteering my time wasn't the negative.

I had simply chosen an issue I couldn't heartily get behind.

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