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You can eliminate potential stress by using a USB extension cable but you are still dealing with a dangling thingee.

An Express Card Rev A modem would seem more desirable for the Mac Book Pro but Verizon doesn't currently offer a Rev A rated Express Card/34 modem.

We are happy to report it works like a charm and attained the same speeds as when used on our Mac Book Pro. Choose "Share connection from (modem name)." For "Choose computers using" select either Built-in Ethernet or Air Port (Wi-Fi). Next, go to your deskop and ciick on the Air Port icon on the Finder menu bar.

That's great news for those of us who live in the "boonies" and don't have access to Cable or DSL broadband networks. You will see your Mac Book Pro listed as a network option.

It's not Mac compatible but will "Mac preactivate" it for you.

It "plugged and played" like a dream on our Mac Book Pro C2D.The big deal about EV-DO Rev A is the upload speed.Once it's implemented in your service area, your mobile broadband upload speed will jump from 50-100Kbps to 300-400Kbps.That means we can use Verizon and Sprint's broadband data networks on Mac desktops as well as laptops. If you have the U720 (or the V740) connected to your Mac Book Pro or Mac Book, you can share the internet connection with other Macs on your local network via Air Port or Ethernet. Once you select it, you can surf the internet via the U720 connected to your Mac Book Pro.When we used this approach, the download and upload speeds where identical to the "direct" Mac Book Pro connection! You can plug your EV-DO card into a Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi Router like the Kyocera KR1 or the Linksys WRT54G3G-ST. Any Mac within range of the Wi Fi "G" signal can use it as a portal to Verizon EV-DO Rev A network and access the internet.

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