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A document containing this graphic was available just last year, in fact: [Update: Some people reading this article seem a bit confused.The following language was not actually part of the Windows license agreement.After installation, an OEM copy is essentially indistinguishable from a retail copy.Many readers tell me they bought that software and installed it on their own new (or old) PC, happily saving a significant chunk of change in the process.Following the links from those Bing results led to pages at Zip and Comp and Tiger Direct and Comp Source.None of those pages contained any licensing information (not even a link to the Microsoft OEM license) and none of them showed the actual product package.The answer to this question, for example, seems to be 100% wrong: In researching pricing for Windows 7 to give an estimate on cost for their requested computer work, I see that several places offer for purchase "OEM System Builder" software.The 'OEM System Builder" is subject to "Microsoft OEM System Builder License" , can I purchase this OEM software or do I need to purchase the 'full' version?

The OEM versions of Windows have been available to the general public for many, many years and have worked without problems.Only a few traces of that language have survived, as in this blog post from the Microsoft Small Business Community blog.They've been replaced with a single page at Microsoft's OEM Partner Center, which tries to stomp out the idea that end users can purchase and use this software.But I deliberately left one type of Windows license off that list, because it deserves its own special place in the Corporate Communications Hall of Shame.I'm talking about OEM System Builder licenses for Windows desktop editions.

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