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I can check that the View is flagged as updatable by looking at the permissions of the View (using phpmyadmin for example)However I can not update the View by opening it in the Tables area of the main LOB panel and trying to type diectly into the VIEW.

I can also create a form based on that VIEW but again it is not updateable.

You can use this example as a guide for customizing update property settings on a view.

Does the view get automatically updated when the underlying tables get updated in My SQL without querying?

A nice explanation of which VIEWs should be updateable is given in the below link. ...

When your view combines two or more tables, you set properties to ensure that only the many side of the view query is updatable. You must ensure that for each table accessed in a view, the key field set is a unique key for both the view result set and the base table.

An insertable view with a WHERE which is always false but no CHECK OPTION is a view that accepts data but does not show them.

You can think of a view as a lens looking at one or more tables.

but of course, once you have got that data, it will not send it again.

There are triggers for that, but still your database client has to query the view data out.

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