Updating uplay far cry 3

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Nvidia’s tweaked the mic so it can pick up voices from a wider field, which sounds small fry, but it’s necessary for one of the Shield TV’s best new features – Google Assistant.Assistant is Google’s version of Amazon Alexa, and is designed to let you control smart devices simply by talking to them.Nvidia claims the CPU/GPU combination makes the Shield four times faster than the Fire TV and functionality-wise it still ticks all the right boxes.

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If the system works correctly this could make the Shield a central command station for any smart home setup.The number of titles isn’t anywhere near as large as Steam’s but it includes some hidden gems and classics you won’t be able get on any current generation console.Scrolling through the library I was able to quickly find a number of retro games I’ve been hankering to replay, like Jade Empire, pretty much all the Final Fantasies and Fear 2.Nvidia claims the new Ge Force Now software will let you stream titles at a graphics quality equivalent to a desktop PC running either a GTX 1080 GPU.The UPlay upgrade means Shield owners will be able to stream games from their Ubisoft library, such as Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, The Division, Far Cry Primal, Watch Dogs, , For Honor, and The Crew, from the moment they’re released on PC.

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