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Your product should be ready to go when a major revision of something like Office comes out.Microsoft wasn't exactly secretive about this, and I'm certain they didn't withhold the early versions of the product from you.

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Given the number of people who use outlook how on earth can it not be supported by Norton ?Is this by design, or has Norton/Symantec once again failed to get ahead of a product release so that their own products are already compatible when it (in this case Office 2016) comes out?If the latter, the failure of Norton/Symantec to work with other vendors whose products Norton/Symantec's own products need to integrate with in order to function properly is inexcusable.Norton gets advanced copies of products such as Office long before they are released to the public, either as a courtesy from Microsoft or by request to Microsoft, to ensure that Norton's security products are compatible before release.Quit asking for information on a publicly viewable forum that could be used by that scum of the earth, hackers, to infiltrate systems.

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