Updating my bios

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I had seen a reference to EZ-FLASH in the BIOS settings and the manual, so I decided to investigate that method.

updating my bios-14updating my bios-63

After the BIOS update was finished I got a mesage telling me so.

To start with, I downloaded the new BIOS and copied it somewhere convenient.

I unzipped the file to get the actual BIOS image, called 0504 At the boot screen I hit the "Delete" key to enter the BIOS Setup (click the thumbnails that follow to see full size images).

It didn't see the ext3 formatted partitions on my hard drive, so it decided that my USB attached device should be called drive .

I only have ext3 formatted partitions in my system, but most USB flash drives and flash cards (like the Compact Flash cards or Memory Sticks that I use in my cameras) are formatted with some flavour of the FAT file system. [G44] I wanted to back up my current BIOS in case something went wrong. The term 'image' in this sense means a binary copy of all the bits that are saved on the flash memory the BIOS uses.

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