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Music Brainz Picard is an open source program that taps into the Music Brainz database and matches up various songs and albums according to what the database says.

Unlike most auto-taggers, which rely on filenames and album types to make their matches, Music Brainz operates with acoustic scans of the songs themselves. Fortunately, the Music Brainz Picard website has a quickstart guide on how to use this program to auto-tag your music library in just a few minutes. Whether it was too simple, didn’t match your expectations, or maybe you just didn’t like the interface.

Some other mobile OS’s (hint: i OS) does not have this feature.

In those, when you click on a link directed at an audio file, it starts to buffer and play the file online, inside the browser.

There is no way to download it but on Android, you can!

Even though Chrome for Android does not support this feature at the moment, there are other apps in the Google Play Store that do.

Get it from the Google Play Store by clicking below: There are many apps on Google Play Store that offers a similar functionality.

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Or maybe you just want a clean slate on a few albums so your automatic tagger can do its thing.

For example, the name will not be the same (the website name will be added to it) or the album art will be some kind of random picture. But thankfully, there is a way to easily correct these cluttery MP3 files and make them beautiful. Must read: 5 Types of Apps You Should Stop Using Right Now A little knowledge about what we are going to do is always good.

First things first, the technical (and correct) name of an MP3 tag is ‘ID3 Tag’.

MP3Tag is great for batch editing tags and album art, yet lightweight enough that you aren’t bogged down by extraneous features you’ll never use.

For those of you who don’t know, Music Brainz is a wonderful central database full of CD information and metadata.

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