Updating linux kernal

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Of course if it’s a protected network they still need to have the right wireless credentials, but if it’s an open network then the Pineapple asks for no such thing, it just lets the device straight in whether the device it’s connecting to a legitimate access point or not.So that’s how she works, a combination of simply providing an access point that victims connect to on their own free will or being tricked into connecting via Karma. The easiest way to access the device and get started with configuring everything is to tether it to a PC with two network interfaces.But it’s important because it helps us understand in very graphic terms what the risk of insufficient transport layer protection really is.The easiest way to think of the Pineapple is as a little device that sits between an unsuspecting user’s PC (or i Phone or other internet connected device) and the resource they’re attempting to access.

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Once they establish a connection with an access point they happily reconnect to it at a later date.

The Karma feature is best explained on the Pineapple website: Most wireless devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones have network software that automatically connects to access points they remember.

This convenient feature is what gets you online without effort when you turn on your computer at home, the office, coffee shops or airports you frequent.

You can hit it on 1.1/pineapple or if running a newer version of the firmware (more on that later), the IP address and port 1.71.

All things going well, you’ll be challenged to authenticate: The default credentials are username “root” and password “pineapplesareyummy” after which you should be in: That’s the first bit done, tethering is working and we can actually access the device, now for a bit of preparation.

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