Updating blizzard update agent

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I also had the same problem with that tool, for more that one apps if I remember correctly.

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This has been happening since the start of glasswire It happens on apps where they move location or add a prefix/suffix to the file name.It has a UI that resembles the more minimalist design of the web site as compared with the more textured UI of the game-specific launcher.This replaces the launcher for all Blizzard games, and works similar to the older launchers, with background updates, repair tool, and more.Unexpectedly in mid-May 2017, Blizzard announced they would be hosting Bungie's Destiny 2 in the desktop app (Windows-only).Patch 1.7 was released in mid February 2017 and added a Suggested Friends feature that added several ways to look for potential new friends (friends of friends, Facebook friends, and Diablo friends).

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