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The office also coordinates the University’s educational programs and active approach to preventing sexual assault on campus.More detailed information about these programs, processes, and procedures can be found in the Student Code of Conduct and at Title IX at Pitt.Someone who is unconscious, asleep, or otherwise mentally or physically incapacitated, whether due to alcohol, drugs, or some other condition, cannot give consent.Consent cannot be obtained by force, intimidation, threat, coercion, isolation, or is given by a person who is legally incapacitated to authorize the conduct charged to constitute the offense; is given by a person who by reason of youth, mental disease or defect, or intoxication is manifestly unable or known by the actor to be unable to make a reasonable judgment as to the nature or harmfulness of the conduct charged to constitute the offense; 3.

In cases involving sexual assault, the University understands the victim may request confidentiality.Different Pitt employees have different abilities to maintain a victim’s confidentiality.Some employees may talk with a victim in confidence, and only report to the University that an incident occurred without revealing any personally identifying information. Disclosures to these employees will not trigger a University inquiry into an incident.In addition to using these processes, the University will continue to engage in prevention programs and training for students, faculty, and staff in an effort to prevent sexual assault and harassment, relationship violence, and stalking.Pitt’s Office of Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Education (SHARE) provides counseling to victims of sexual assault, assists victims in obtaining medical care, and offers support in all aspects of the recovery process.

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