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As it turns out, Hustler even has this site that’s devoted to amateur porn. It’s not often that I will admit to being wrong, but these videos are fucking hot, and the sex isn’t all scripted and fake, in fact, these babes are just horny sluts who love to fuck! Don’t be mistaken, this isn’t all about the softcore and solo stuff.

This place simply aims to do something a little more sophisticated rather than loud and in-your-face like a lot of porn out there these days.

Their mutual friends from yoville have said "he should have protected his relationship with her better" and "what about your yoville inventory".

I flipped out and told him that was completely inapropriate. She doesn't even live in the same state as we do.

She treated me like the other woman instead of the other way around and he won't admit to being more emotionally involved with her than he cares to think about and has not ONCE said I'm sorry yet.

Those two things are what make it worse, make it harder to move forward and I can't move forward until she gets what she deserves - to be outed and he finally admits to being in love with her more than "just a game that got out of control" and finally actually says out loud "I'm sorry".

He confessed to everything, cut all ties with her but I still can't cope some days.

We've been together 13 years, we have 5 kids 10 years old and under.

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