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@Joshua Shearer Like Kevin said, if they don't understand security, they shouldn't be sysadmins, and I find it to be a scary proposition to have an administrator of anything who thinks security is some black magic or [email protected] Shearer - since they don't understand, it's arguably moot as they won't know if what they already have is correct or not...

New root certificates appearing on all systems without warning or documentation are a concern for some security people.Actually there are ways to make windows download the full list so they can edit it as they wish but it's common to just block the updates.A great number of sysadmins don't understand encryption or security (generally) so they follow received wisdom (correct or otherwise) without question and they don't like making changes to things involving security that they don't fully understand believing it to be some black art.My company distributes a Windows Installer for a Server based product.As per best practices it is signed using a certificate.

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