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Muang Chakangrao is located on the east side of the Ping River, Muang Nakhon Chum is on the west side and Muang Trai Trung is located a little over 10 miles to the southwest of the city of Kamphaeng is often referred to as the most graceful and beautiful in the country.There are a number of accommodation options near the dam.This UNESCO World Heritage site incorporates the architectural remains of three ancient settlements.This hilltop settlement with stunning views is noted as a tea growing region with a distinctive Chinese character, having been settled by KMT refugees who escaped the Maoist takeover in the forties.It’s a nice place to stop over for a night and is easily accessible from Chiang Rai…This remote corner of the north juts into Burma and offers a real frontier wilderness experience.The image, known as Phra Phutthachinarat, attracts hundreds of visitors daily who come from all over Thailand, and other countries, to pay their respects and also to make merit.

Recreation sites are spread along the banks, as are food stalls.Built around 800 years ago during the reign of King Arthitayarat, this wat is dominated by a 150ft tall golden chedi.Its appearance today is basically the same as in 1443, after its last restoration.and the chedi – which enshrines a relic brought to Wat Luang from Burma – and also a museum, where you’ll see a Buddha statue that’s 500 years old and also an ancient Lanna-style wooden construction.Located in Thung Kwian forest around 30kms from the city of Lampang, this facility is the only one in the world where elephants are taught to work in the timber industry.

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