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In a world that exists of job titles that our grandparents or even our parents would not understand - think of Beverage Dissemination Officer (bar tender) or Chief Chatter (Call Centre Manager) - what we actually do is not always obvious from the job title.

Example using facts: Earlier in my career I came up with a training module which ran for about 12 years. One day I was sat in the library flicking through the Harvard Business Review trying to find articles to support the paper I was writing.Suddenly, my eye caught an advert about doing an Executive Masterclass in Giving Presentations at Harvard University. What if my company were to offer such a course to students learning Business English? But, they couldn’t afford to take time off work to do a week long course which my company was offering at the time.What if we were to provide such a 2 day Masterclass focusing on a specific aspect of English.They're tired of being sidekicks to their married friends. The local IHOP gave them a room to use and provided beverages and a two-for-one coupon for dinner.

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