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I watch a lot of mindless television for background noise.

I listen to NPR a bunch - I particularly like This American Life, I'm also obsessed with Serial.

For some reason, two of the events are actually listed in New Haven, and one is listed in Fairfield County, but is taking place in Orange.

Any way, I’m a huge fan of this method for meeting new people, if you…If you live in CT – sign up today – please don’t wait because women sign up faster than men and you’ll get closed out.

Doors will open at p.m., with the program beginning at p.m.

Hampden County sheriff candidates, including Democrats Michael Albano, Tom Ashe and Nick Cocchi, Republican John Comerford and independent James Gill, are slated to participate in the event.

One part dog-trainer, one part facilitator of authentic relating, one part mystic and naturevore, one part music and dance lover and lots of other parts too. I love the absurd and abnormal, and taking delight in the small, insignificant things. I've recently started classes again, just one for now, it's going well so far.

I feel that i am seeking my soulmate, but i can't quite tell if now is the time to meet her, so i am also seeking people of kindred make-up to get to play and get to know the area with. My best relationships have had the component of laying in bed with my lover, making each other laugh so hard that we are too excited to fall asleep. Haunted houses, trampoline gyms, pillow forts, and circuses are alright with me. My best friend says that this sentence best describes me, "She thinks that safety orange is a neutral." My central goal in life is to do as little harm and to be as helpful as possible. I take photos, journal, crochet, sing (though not as well as I used to), I'm a lapsed knitter (I picked it back up recently! ) and occasional creative writer - mostly poetry - and lousy painter.

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I can tend to be a bit cynical, and I spend a lot of time thinking about human nature and the systemic nature of inequality and societal dysfunction.Voters may also informally revisit candidates after the speed-dating portion of the event, the group said.Stressing that lack of reliable information is a deterrent for voting, O'Connell contended that the event seeks to help voters sort out all of the candidates, as well as the offices for which they are running.Ask me about music, books, shows or movies, I have a wide range of interests and will always be willing to check out anything you recommend.In the bedroom, I tend to be a bit dominant, but I just can't resist trying to coax everything I can out from a beautiful woman.

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