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I love going to dinner and having great conversation, connecting.

I am a park ranger, take ballroom dancing and just got a bicycle for my birthday, so I'm going to try that.

Most cities connect homes to a fiber optic network with copper wires, which slow the transmission speed, De Priest said. Beefing up the city's broadband speeds at the same time, he said, presented "a fairly minimal additional cost to us." "As far as we know, it is by far the fastest in the U.

(Photo by Lee Roberts) Download Hi Res Michelle Kantor, a lawyer with Mc Donald-Hopkins, answers questions about Small Business Administration Mentor-Protégé Program agreements during the 6th Annual Small Business Industry Day at the Tennessee Small Business Development Center at Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tenn.

Or downloading a high-definition, full-length feature film in less than five minutes.

Or collaborating with classmates around the world while watching live 3-D video of a university lecture," the Google employees wrote.

The tech giant Google also has thrown itself into the issue.

In February, the Mountain View, California, company announced a program called Google Fiber for Communities, which aims to bring internet connections on par with those in Chattanooga to one or more municipalities.

Chattanooga didn't participate in the hoopla because its plans for an upgrade were already under way at the time, said Littlefield, the city's mayor.Verizon also has tested one-gig broadband connections.De Priest, of the power company in Chattanooga, said the one-gig speeds became available on Monday to 100,000 of his company's 170,000 customers.In a blog post about that program, Google product managers Minnie Ingersoll and James Kelly list some of the benefits of faster internet connections, which Google sees as a booster of economic development."Imagine sitting in a rural health clinic, streaming three-dimensional medical imaging over the Web and discussing a unique condition with a specialist in New York.

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