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Here are 5 reasons why you should consider adding “speed interviews” to your recruiting repertoire.Filled with repetitive questions and rehearsed answers, traditional interviews are often not very engaging for Gen-Y job seekers.Speed interviews allow you see all your candidates within a few hours, so you can more accurately compare and contrast your talent pool’s strengths and weaknesses.This is one of the most obvious advantages of speed interviewing.

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When your interview process is stretched out over days or even weeks, the details you remember about each candidate can start to get a little fuzzy.Hampden County sheriff candidates, including Democrats Michael Albano, Tom Ashe and Nick Cocchi, Republican John Comerford and independent James Gill, are slated to participate in the event.Jeff Morneau and Mary Hurley, Democrats running for the Governor's Council 8th District seat -- which is currently held by Albano -- are also scheduled to attend.Speed interviews are a great way to maximize efficiency and inject a little fun into the hiring process.Discussion: Have you used “speed interviews” in your recruitment efforts?

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