Singles speed dating canberra any luck with online dating

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Then there was #3: a university lecturer with whom I spent a good half hour making small talk.

Seeing him stand awkwardly alone in the corner earlier had made me feel a little sorry for him.

Lesson learnt –do not engage in meaningless conversation for the sake of being nice.

At an event like this, where everyone is there for the same reason, it will only be taken to mean one thing…

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It was completely up to the singles to circulate the room at their own pace and approach those who caught their eye.I’ve always been somewhat fascinated by the concept of speed dating.The promise of free-flowing champagne, canapés, and a smorgasbord of men to mingle with has gotta be music to any single gal’s ears.While the lights were almost excessively dim during the event, T1 and I agreed later that this may have worked to some people’s advantage.Nothing like a bit of mood lighting to set the scene, right?!

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