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and for those that wanno check mine out heres the link is a little different i had it reversed for my left arm and the cut in the kids pant is on the left leg instead of the rightinfact here is a better link , and for all those who have tattoo's and for those who want them keep keepem meaningful to yourself in the end run if it doesnt have some meaning to you you'll end up hating it and yourself To all those who are so "simple" and quick to judge someone for there appearance I say shame on you.I say this not because i am somewhat heavily tattooed, but because you learn from everyone you meet good or bad.published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior that placed non-inked and tattooed women on a beach found that men were much more likely to approach women sporting tattoos.In the study, it took the men an average of 11 minutes less to approach the inked women.The thing that really bothers me is when people ask me how I'm going to feel about them in 30 years, and when they tell me I should tattoo "I'm dumb" on myself so that in the future when I ask myself why I got it, I'll know why ["Why did I get this... I don't know how I'll feel about it in 30 years, but if it means something to me [which they all do], I'm sure I'll enjoy telling the story then just as much as I do now.I think tattoos on a man is really hot especially on the calf.....Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. I like them in places that can be covered up by a t-shirt and beach shorts. That way when they dress up a bit, they don't have some snake going up their neck or goofy emblem on their hands or forearms.tattoos are a big win for me.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I'm relying on the people opening me up to be observant and decisive... i have a lot of visible tattoos (chest, legs etc) and have a full sleeve in progress.

we wants to symbolize his succsesion in life and figures the best way to do it is to get some ink .I like just the plain black tribal designs that are out there....I had my first tattoo done last Feb around my right ankle and it hurt like hell while i was getting it done but it was worth every white knuckle........about tattoos making someone incapable of long term decisions..obviously incapable of being spontaneous or having fun in your life.only live once and shouldn't make judgements about someone b/c they have a tattoo, that's kind of like profiling someone because of something about them i.e: blondes are dumb, well yah some are brunettes and redheads.Sure tattoos might not look as good when a person is 45 and its 20 years old but to be honest, I don't judge a lot of 45 year olds on their looks.with the rebellious and the reckless, the irresponsible and the unprofessional.

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