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When searching OCLC for video records, be sure to search both the title on the video and the title on the box in several different ways. Choose the record that matches the video title from the tape, the series title, the publisher, the publication date, the edition, and the format (VHS vs. All of these criteria are what I call critical hits because differences in any of these except publisher and date justify the creation of a new record.

For details on whether to create a new record or edit an existing record from OCLC, see Olson, p. Always manually update the OCLC holdings on all chosen records as you export them, unless the record is a set record to be suppressed.

each video has the same call number) or classed separately (i.e. If a set or series is numbered and its topic is narrow enough for all videos to fall within a single call number, class the videos together and use the set record.

But if a numbered set's topic is broader in scope, class the videos separately and suppress the set record.

This will often be the date of the artwork on the container.

If you must take the title from the label or the container because there are no title frames, make a 500 note with the source of the title.

The information from the videotape and label should always take precedence over the information from the container, with the exception of the publication/release date for the video. write down, the title and the opening and closing credits exactly as they appear.

It may seem arbitrary, but AACR2 chose to prefer the title from the title frames over all others, so always view the video and choose or create the record on the basis of what you see.

It does not matter whether information comes from the title frames or the credits frames as long as you transcribe it exactly as it appears on the tape.

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