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The 26-year-old said that when he learned about his girlfriend and one of her ex’s former rendezvous locations, the couple had a big fight.“It’s always worse when you have a specific location or detail or something,” he said. “ Others also spoke about anxieties about being compared to exes.’ That doesn’t mean she’s not a sweet girl.” Another 32-year-old, who is engaged to his partner of three years, likewise isn’t fazed by 100. “The men don’t care that she’s had a lot of sexual partners—they care that she’s likely to have sex with them,” she said.

“My gut reaction would be self-consciousness about if I was the biggest or the best, or if she was happy with me, or if the guy before me was better than I was,” he said.

(He’s not sure of the exact tally, because when he asks how many, she replies, “This year?

”) There are a lot of reasons that Schumer’s character might be starting to freak him out by that point in any other straight man, whose relationship suffered a crisis when the girlfriend’s too-high number came to light.

In 2015, a woman’s number just doesn’t seem a big deal to me.

To find out if I was alone, I called up some straight guys in their 20s and 30s to ask what they thought.

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