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By melding parts of its infrastructure–namely Google Wallet and Hangouts–the company gives consumers a single destination, either through a computer or Android phone, to book sessions with experts and to pay for them.Doctors can even prescribe medicine, as Helpouts is aligned with the U. Department of Health and Human Services.“We believe telehealth, and Helpouts, can complement in-person office appointments and play an important part in the overall continuum of care,” Google’s director of business operations, Christina Wire, tells .

That’s right, in addition to the many musicians, yogis, and IT pros chatting on the Helpouts platform, there are also doctors, counselors, veterinarians, and lactation specialists, among other medical professionals.

“We look forward to learning how users find Helpouts to be most helpful in their continuum of care.”Telemedicine isn’t exactly a new concept.

Defined very broadly, the term can be applied to, say, African villagers who used smoke signals to warn others of disease outbreaks.

More contemporary forms of telemedicine include the use of Xbox to care for patients with chronic illnesses and telepresence robots, such as the human-sized RP-VITA from i Robot that lets doctors interact with patients from afar.

But with the advent of mobile technologies, telemedicine has the potential to go mainstream.

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