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When you start a new relationship, do you care if your new love has slept with 1, 10, 100 people in the past?

If the answer to that question is “yes”, then how about this: When deciding today whether or not to have a casual sexual relationship, do you weigh the benefits of that relationship against the costs in terms how it might affect any future, committed, relationships?

If we presume that those survey results reflect the views of all men (which is unlikely, but this is just an example) then a woman’s number of past sexual partners would limit her market as follows: So by choosing to have, say, 33 past sexual partners a woman potentially would have eliminated 66% of men on the market for a committed relationship.

I don’t have any data that directly measures how a man’s sexual history might limit his marriage market, but I think it would be a mistake to assume that women do not care about a potential love interest’s sexual history – especially if she concerned about his ability to be a faithful partner in the long-run.

In this regard, men who don't care about a woman's sexual history probably end up with a woman who wouldn't never have dated them had it not been for her past.

That doesn't really sound like a recipe to a happy marriage to me.

Not that other personal qualities are unimportant, but there are really no other qualities that can compensate for a mismatch sexually. But, expecting those qualities to meet my sexual needs or to cause me to forgo those needs...

Intelligence, kindness, generosity, sense of humor... it's like putting wiper fluid in the gas tank and wondering why the car won't run.

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This is just the unfortunate reality of life on the singles’ market.

That’s because to me, just like my political views, it’s not any area of my life I would be willing to change just to conform to the demands of the market.

Big thanks to Vicki Larson who posted the Brigham Young article on her twitterfeed @OMGchronicles I always have reservation about survey on relationship because when actual person comes in game instead of hypothetical one things can changed and become more complicate.

I have some serious reservations about the quality of the research that produced these results, by the way, and no one should take this evidence at face value.

But the results are consistent, at least, with the theory that people who have had many sexual partners have found love on a more limited marriage market than those who have had few sexual partners in the past.

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