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Australia’s defamation laws are there to protect individuals from offensive and slanderous publications, but this is no easy task.There is no hard and fast rule on what amounts to defamation, and a lot depends on the circumstances of each case.There are strong anti-discrimination laws in all states, which protect everyone from unlawful and serious vilification in cases where the actions of others are regarded as being capable of inciting hatred, contempt or severe ridicule of another.During these times of fervent political campaigning, each and every member of the public plays a role in ensuring debate is respectful, fair and responsible.

So if you choose to participate in the debate on social media, how do you ensure your views are expressed in a responsible way?

Our right to free speech Many individuals are under the impression that under Australian law, we have an overarching right to free speech, and this right protects those who makes offensive […] Read more What is defamation?

Defamation is when a person says slanderous things that may cause damage to another’s reputation.

You can report the abuse to the relevant social media provider and law enforcement agency, both of which are now extremely proactive in responding to instances of online abuse.

If you happen to learn how someone will or has voted in the survey, you should tread carefully before revealing this information without authorisation.

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