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Staffing – Has a solid understanding of existing selection tools and effectively demonstrates the use of these tools in the staffing process.Communication – Is able to effectively and clearly communicate in both written and verbal means.Conducting an Investigation – Experience in professionally conducting investigatory interviews, documenting the process, findings and conclusions, analyzing and interpreting data and making recommendations for a solution.Diversity Management – Has a thorough understanding of the spectrum of diversity as it is practiced in the organization.Performance Management – Has a good understanding of organizational values and goals, translates them into performance standards and applies and leads others through this process.

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Employment Law – Has a good understanding of employment laws that frequently impact the workplace.Working in an innovative space, you’ll develop high tech solutions that will fuel your advanced career skill set and empower you to own your career.Our integrated businesses demand the talents and creativity of individuals with a wide range of skills and experience.Determines job levels and slots jobs within those levels.Understands the impact of pay decisions on internal equity and external competitiveness.

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