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House Bill 2615, introduced in March 2007, creates the Arkansas HIV/AIDS Minority Taskforce.The Taskforce will coordinate statewide efforts to combat the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS on women, African Americans, Hispanics, and other minority populations.Arkansas maintains curriculum standards for physical and health education; however, these do not include specific guidelines pertaining to the content of sexuality education courses.

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If a school offers sexuality or STD/HIV education, it must stress abstinence.Back to Top Events of Note was not available in her child’s library as it had been lost; however, the parent stated that she learned of the book from “Point of View,” a Christian radio show, and later found out that it was available elsewhere in the school district.She felt the illustrations were too sexually explicit and that the book encouraged children to experiment with “both heterosexuality and homosexuality.”.There is also no system of evaluation to monitor the subject matter covered in health education classes across the state.School-based health clinics may teach sexuality education and may also prescribe and distribute contraceptives with written parental consent; however, no state funds may be used to purchase condoms or contraceptives.

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