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We need to revise the still-prevailing rhetoric that When I sit down with single people who have recently met a potential love interest who doesn't live nearby, or with couples who are getting ready to become long-distance, they are terrified and doubtful. I'm hearing the real stories, and I'm telling you -- that is not true. well, that's something you might want to look into.

Couples are making it work every day, mostly thanks to techno-romance. But technology has blessed us with endless -- seriously, -- ways to explore and deepen our love, at a time when professional, personal and familial obligations often have us traveling the globe and landing in new places for significant periods of time.

Billy Baldwin and Chynna Phillips -- welcome back on the map! Billy and Chynna may be one of the few married celebrity couples to admit to having Skype sex, but they're joining a new wave of people who are increasingly engaging in techno-romance, i.e.

Sure, I also meet individuals who were previously in long-distance relationships that ended.Yet I've been getting the sense that the overall percentages of these types of break-ups are getting closer.I've met military spouses who have dealt with someone being deployed for a year.They comment on each others' Facebook photos and status updates and "friend" each others' "friends," enforcing the impression that their activities, feelings and networks aren't actually so divided. What I share with these pending long-distancers is that to whom I have talked has heard the same things from their loved ones.They chat on Skype -- and yes, they have Skype sex, too. Because still -- despite the texts and Facebook wall posts and BBMs and Skype sex dates -- we have stubbornly held on to this toxic idea that long-distance relationships are simply to fail. If you're consistently enjoying Skype sex more than real sex...

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