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With his good looks and smooth confidence, Albert was never at a loss for female company.And with the guys, he was always the man with the plan.Albert's father, who had fled Cuba in the 1970s on a homemade raft, took more drastic action: Enlisting the help of some policemen friends, he staged a fake arrest of Albert, trying to scare his son into returning to reality. Instead, Albert escaped further into the solace of the world of programming chat rooms — where he called himself "soupnazi," after the grumpy restaurateur.Before long, he discovered Internet Relay Chat, a web forum popular with hackers who discussed the how-tos of breaching Internet security at its highest levels.But even stoned on industrial-grade horse tranquilizers, Albert Gonzalez remained focused on business — checking his laptop constantly, keeping tabs on the rogue operators he employed in Turkey and Latvia and China, pushing, haranguing, issuing orders into his cellphone in a steady voice."Let's see if this Russian asshole has what I need," he'd say calmly.Then he would help himself to glass plates of powder, each thoughtfully cut into letters for easy identification: "E" for Ecstasy, "C" for coke.Photos: Inside the Wild Lifestyle of the Hackers Who Pulled Off History's Greatest Cybercrime Albert's two friends were in no shape to think about work.

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But Albert's fascination soon turned into a fixation.

"If you take me, I'm not going to talk," he warned.

"I'm just going to stay quiet." When she moved the computer to his sister's room, Albert simply snuck in during the night to log on to chat rooms devoted to computer programming.

He was also that rarest of computer geeks: one who could actually relate to other human beings.

He was the perfect fusion of the dorky and the suave — the easygoing charm of George Clooney combined with the tech-savvy drive of Steve Jobs.

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