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As the day went on, 60 policemen were drafted in from around the city to keep order among the tumultuous crowd and by the time Loew’s closed that evening, some 37,000 customers had passed through its doors.

The opening day’s business of The Wizard of Oz was a triumph of marketing.

A studio teacher once tried to round up a group of little people for class, mistaking them for children.

When CBS first screened it, in 1956, most of the 45 million people watching would have missed the magical transformation from sepia to Technicolor for want of colour televisions.

Yet today, everyone knows what happens if you knock your heels together three times.

However, if producer Mervyn Le Roy were telling the story of Oz, forget Mayer: his would be the name in lights.

Mayer brought him into MGM as a successor to the legendary producer Irving Thalberg.

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