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“And I could no longer blame my out-of-control emotions on my addictions.” It was the notorious bonfire of 2007, followed by the unsurprising separation from her husband, that prompted Forsberg Weiland to seek out a new doctor and get serious about breaking free from the depression that had plagued her for years.

Through this new doctor, she took the Young Mania Rating Scale (YMRS) test and scored a “31,” far above a score of “20” that indicates hypomania.

She woke up every morning feeling exhausted and battled frequent crying jags, with her husband touring and unavailable for support.

By this time, Scott, now divorced and also diagnosed with bipolar disorder but declining treatment, was once again figuring in Forsberg Weiland’s life.The media descended on her home in Southern California in the aftermath of a domestic dispute that saw Forsberg Weiland setting fire to ,000 worth of her rock star husband’s clothes.The harrowing incident did offer one silver lining: it led Forsberg Weiland to seek treatment for bipolar disorder, a condition that had plagued her since adolescence.But the teen’s behavior, in hindsight symptomatic of bipolar, was merely chalked up to the typical “acting out” of a headstrong adolescent. “She was trying to find her way and I was certain that I’d lost mine.” As an ungrounded 14-year-old, Forsberg Weiland was “eager to learn anything that would help me to be a success at something.” Shortly after signing up with a local modeling agency, she was chosen as a finalist in Seventeen magazine’s annual cover model contest.At 16, her modeling career had taken off and she even had her own personal driver—aspiring musician Scott Weiland, with whom she soon became involved.

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