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suggested, "Let's see if we can help him remember." Raines entered the police station and found that Hope and Rafe had released Abe from his holding cell and were preparing to question him. "I'm afraid of what this might do to him," Maggie admitted with a sigh.

Myron insisted that he hadn't heard from Dario since the night of the hit-and-run incident, and he added that he hadn't known the identity of Dario's silent partner until the moment that Abe's arrest had gone viral. After spending a few minutes blaming each other for what had happened, Hattie and Bonnie agreed to stop fighting and start trying to figure out what to do next.

Abe explained that Eli had decided to tell him that Raines was Dario's silent partner after Raines had started threatening Lani.

mused that it was just another in a long list of things about the case that didn't make any sense. " At the police station, Abe assured Hope and Rafe that he wasn't upset with them for their role in his arrest because the whole thing had actually been his idea.

While passing through Horton Town Square, Eli ran into Valerie, who immediately began lashing out at him. "That didn't really occur to me," Lani replied with a shrug. "Wow, she doesn't waste any time," Maggie grumbled.

that Commissioner Raines had ordered them both to stay out of the investigation. "If we don't get something more on him by morning, he's walking, [so] it's worth a try, don't you think? "Suit yourself," Raines replied before rushing off, claiming that he had an errand to run. Myron quickly retreated to the back office as Raines demanded to know why Lani had chosen to toss back drinks at Club TBD, of all places -- a club that her father's partner owned. Chuckling, Justin stressed that he had no intention of taking things slowly; in fact, he had actually already granted Adrienne's request to move back into the mansion right away.

Meanwhile, Eli received a phone call from Hope, who informed him that Raines was on the move. Lani stuck to her story and assured Raines that she would find another place to drink if her presence at Club TBD was going to be an issue. After Justin rushed off to share the good news with Adrienne, Maggie wondered why Victor was suddenly so supportive of a relationship he had never really been a fan of in the past.

countered with a shrug, adding that he was willing to do whatever it took to prove Abe's innocence. Lani pointed out that the IT expert had already claimed that he didn't know anything about Dario's silent partner. Furious, Raines demanded to know what was going on. Justin understood why Maggie was worried; he argued, however, that it wasn't like Lucas hadn't known all along that Adrienne had a long and wonderful history with another man. Valerie was stunned and confused when Abe tried to convince her to stop blaming Eli for what was happening. Lani explained that Raines had been in Club TBD with Myron. Lani admitted that she had been wondering the same thing. After Abe finished filling Hope and Rafe in on how he had gotten involved in the case, Valerie arrived to see him.Bonnie maintained that Justin couldn't join her inside her hotel room, claiming that she might not be able to keep her hands off him if he did.Justin didn't think that would be a bad thing, but Bonnie insisted that she wanted her first time with him to be special.

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