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We want to do things for us, but we also want to represent our country.

In no way does it mean we’re not already well represented in Canada. “That would be the reason to come back.” A relaunch at their former Canton, Mich., training ground with old coach Marina Zoueva is a massive longshot.

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That would give them one full campaign of Grand Prix and world competition before the 2018 Olympics set for Pyeongchang, Korea. “We’re not coming back unless it’s to become Olympic champions again. You’ll see in the next eight months or so getting into better shape than I was at the (last) Games so I’m ready to pounce if that’s an option.“I’m proud of the year we had.” Moir shot a memorable commercial for insurance company belairdirect.He also travelled to root on his girlfriend Kaitlyn Lawes, who is Jennifer Jones’ third, on the curling tour.But now, I understand how much pride there is in following someone who is passionate about something and giving back.“A lot of sacrifices were made for us year to year.

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